Kate Middleton given clear 9-word instruction from William, lip reader reveals

Kate Middleton has grown into one of the most beloved royals out there. Alongside Princess Anne, the Princess of Wales is said to be the hardest-working royal, taking on a multitude of engagements nationwide.

However, that might now be set to change as she and Prince Willam reportedly have plans to cut down on their royal engagements, according to reports.

William and Kate have participated in many big royal celebrations together, including the recent coronation of King Charles. Thanks to technological advances, people worldwide are able to follow the royals’ every step via television camera, and at the coronation ceremony at Westminster Abby, a lip reader apparently caught Will and Kate discussing a rather interesting topic. And it’s not the first time that’s happened!

It should go without saying that learning royal traditions is crucial for senior British royal family members. During the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee last year, William was said to have given Kate instructions on how to act.

Kate Middleton given clear 9-word instruction from William, lip reader reveals
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Prince William and Kate Middleton have had plenty on their hands for the last few months. The coronation of King Charles was a stressful time for all, and for the Prince and Princess of Wales, the special day included having to take care of their two youngest children, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

As per reports, the Palace had prepared for a nanny to be present to take Prince Louis away from the coronation if he misbehaved.

Prince William & Kate Middleton at King Charles’ coronation

As it was, Louis behaved exceptionally during the ceremony at Westminster, though his mother had a challenging time. Speaking to the Daily Star, body language expert Adrianne Carter – also known as the “Face Whisperer” – said Kate looked “nervously” at her young son during the event, “willing him to be on his best behavior.”

“]It] is probably her biggest worry during the service,” Carter said.

William and Kate were actually late to the coronation ceremony, with King Charles and Queen Camilla forced to wait in their golden carriage outside the entrance to Westminster Abbey. A lip reader revealed what Charles said during the wait, but the monarch wasn’t the only one who had such experts following his every move. No, the same could be said for Prince William and Kate Middleton, who exchanged some important words outside of the historic church.

Kate wore an official robe over an Alexander McQueen ivory silk dress for the coronation of King Charles. It was decorated with silver bullion embroidered roses, thistles, daffodils, and shamrock motifs, intended to symbolize the different nations of the United Kingdom, CNN reported.

As the royal couple prepared to walk into the Abbey, television cameras caught William and Kate speaking. the former wore the Order of the Garter mantle, while Kate donned the striking Royal Victorian Order mantle.

Yet though it was a day of joy, it seemed as though Kate had concerns for her husband before beginning the long walk to the front of Westminster Abbey.

Kate Middleton given clear 9-word instruction from William, lip reader reveals
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Professional lip reader Jeremy Freeman studied the footage of William and Kate. Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, the expert claimed the princess told William to “just mind the gown.”

The 40-year-old heir to the throne replied: “Don’t worry I got [or caught] it.”

Prince William gave Kate Middleton royal instructions, lip-reader reveal

Lip reading has become a pretty popular engagement where the royals are concerned. As mentioned above, the coronation of King Charles was one of those events that saw plenty of reports surface regarding what the royals said to each other despite them not wearing mics. Reports in the days following the coronation paid particular attention to Prince Harry, with the estranged Duke appearing to talk about his British family and father in particular.

Of course, readers may remember another event that saw such articles published last year. The late-Queen Elizabeth celebrated her Platinum Jubilee in 2022, and naturally, all members of the Royal Family were on hand for the occasion.

On June 3, the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Thanksgiving Service was held at St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Kate Middleton wore a stunning yellow dress and matching hat for the event. After the service, she and William were seen chatting on the steps of the cathedral as they waited for their car to the Guildhall for a lunch reception.

During the brief chat, according to lip-reading expert John Cassidy, William gave clear instructions to his wife.

As they emerged onto the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Kate remarked on the service, saying: “It went very well, very well.” William replied: “Yes, perfect.”

Then, as the Prince and Princess of Wales waived to the crowd, Cassidy said the prince turned to his wife and said: “Wait for that to move, then we can go.”

Kate Middleton given clear 9-word instruction from William, lip reader reveals
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For many, Prince William and Kate Middleton have become the titular characters in so far as symbolizing the modernization of the Royal Family. Indeed, that seems to be something that’s reflected in how they raise their children.

William & Kate want their kids to have a “normal” childhood

It should go without saying that William and Kate had very different upbringings. The Princess of Wales didn’t have a bad childhood in any way, but given that William was the royal heir, one can expect that his adolescence was rather unique. Then there’s the trauma William endured when his mother, Princess Diana, passed away.

It makes sense that William has more experience of what a royal upbringing is like, but given that he and Kate want their kids to have a “normal” childhood, they’ve mainly turned to Kate’s parents regarding how they raise their children.

Kate Middleton was born on January 9, 1982, at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading. She has two younger siblings; sister Pippa and brother James.

According to royal expert Duncan Larcombe, William and Kate prefer the “Middleton model” for their children. That includes hard-working parents and “lots of love in the house.”

Not only that, but William and Kate don’t want their children to be just their children, but also their friends.

“By the time Kate was in her early twenties, she counted her mother and father on the list of her best friends. That’s what William and Kate are aspiring to with their children, but they also have to drip-feed George and, to some extent, Charlotte and Louis, into the public domain.” Larcombe told OK!.

Kate Middleton given clear 9-word instruction from William, lip reader reveals
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The royal expert argued that if they’d had the choice, William and Kate wouldn’t let Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis appear publicly at all.

Prince George’s raised in a “very different way” from his father

However, that’s sadly not a viable option.

“Because if the public doesn’t fall in love with Prince George as a little boy, then he’s going to be playing catch up for the rest of his life. By the time the Queen came to the throne, the nation had fallen in love with Princess Elizabeth because they felt her pain,” Duncan said.

“They saw her very popular father, the unexpected King, die at such a young age and the public loved and supported the Queen because of what happened to her father,” the expert said.

Duncan added: “Although there are some similarities, George is being raised in a very different way to Prince William. William has based his children’s upbringing on the Middleton model – three children, affluent, but hard-working parents, and lots of love in the house.”

Now that King Charles has embarked upon his reign as monarch, there will be a grueling schedule for him and Camilla, as well as for the Prince and Princess of Wales. Charles and Camilla have planned to go on the largest-ever official royal tour across Britain, the Commonwealth, and other nations worldwide, “extending a hand of friendship and support” from the royals.

Kate Middleton given clear 9-word instruction from William, lip reader reveals
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The new king and queen are set to visit the US, Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, among other countries.

William & Kate, to ‘skip engagements’ in order to be with their children

William and Kate, meanwhile, will step up to help Charles with royal trips and engagements as the new era of royal life begins. Moreover, it will be crucial for the monarchy as a whole to keep up the great work of the late-Queen Elizabeth to show unity and prove that the monarchy still is valuable.

Even so, though William and Kate will support the king as much as they can, it appears that they do have limits.

According to royal expert Jennie Bond, William and Kate will respect their children’s school schedules to ensure they can spend as much time with them as possible, which may mean skipping some of the royal engagements planned for when Charles and Camilla are abroad. Bond argues that the future king and queen will remain loyal to Charles, though they wish to be by their children’s sides more frequently as they grow up.

“William and Catherine are really the stars of the Royal Family these days. They have youth on their side, and a good dusting of glamour surrounds them,” the royal expert told OK!.

“They are also extremely popular both here and abroad. So there is no doubt that the foreign office will be calling on them to carry out some high-profile royal tours.”

Bond added: “But I think the days of lengthy tours, leaving the children to be looked after by nannies, are over. Largely, I think the school holidays will be respected, and future tours will be short and extremely busy.”

Kate Middleton given clear 9-word instruction from William, lip reader reveals
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Kate Middleton has proven time and again to be a kind and lovely individual, ever ready to meet well-wishers, even if there are some things she can’t provide them.

Why Kate Middleton isn’t allowed to write autographs

Kate visited the Chelsea Flower Show in London on Monday, where 100 kids from ten different elementary schools joined for the inaugural Children’s Picnic.

The princess sat down with the children but had to decline when one young child wanted an autograph.

“I can’t write my name, but I can draw,” Kate was overheard saying, as reported by People.

She was asked why, to which the royal replied: “My name’s Catherine. I’m not allowed to write my signature, it’s just one of those rules.”

Apparently, King Charles, Prince William, and Queen Camilla must obey the same rules. But why is that? According to the Express, the long-standing practice remains due to the risk of the signature being forged.

The list of rules for Kate, William, Harry, Meghan, Anne, and the rest of the royals is long indeed. But in recent years, as technology and phones have become pretty much a staple of everyone’s lives, a new rule has been applied.

Kate Middleton given clear 9-word instruction from William, lip reader reveals
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When Kate and the other Royal Family members are on royal duty, they are not allowed to take selfies with fans, which Meghan even confirmed in the past. She told her fans: “We’re not allowed to do selfies.”

Selfies are “not ideal” for the royals

According to a royal fan, Greg Agnew, who attended Queen Elizabeth’s Buckingham Palace garden party in 2017, they weren’t allowed to take selfies with the royals, as it would be considered disrespectful.

“The one thing they talked about a lot was no selfies, and the reason was that they didn’t want people turning their backs to the royal family and the queen. And that was very important to them,” Agnew told Insider.

“You do not turn your back on the royal family, and you do not attempt to walk up and talk to them.”

CNN’s royal expert Victoria Arbiter previously said that selfies aren’t favored among Royal Family members.

“Royals would always rather have a personal interaction than have people clamoring for selfies,” she said. “If you grant one, then it quickly becomes overwhelming.

“From a security standpoint, they’re also not ideal as they warrant a certain closeness,” she added.

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