Siamese twins have been living separately for 33 yrs Siamese twins are extremely rare, however nature occasionally surprises us

In the village of Alytus in Lithuania in 1987 there were no interrogation means to ascertain pathology yet. Adolescent spouses Daiva and Brunos were gravid twins and frankly rejoiced. hard childbirth, 3600 kilos for 2 craniopagus.

The female were titled Vilia and Vitaly. A yr later, their junior sibling Povilas was born. In 1989, the spouses made a tough determination – to seperate the babies. Neurosurgeon Alexander Konovalov was the 1st in the world to bear the responsibility for an surgery to seperate Siamese twins.

All theworld, with bated breath, followed the experiment, which could be finished absolutely sad. The surgery happenednearly a day. Doctors recalled how they brought fruits products to tiny young ladies after surgery, and they ate them themselves – they fought for life and survive. After the  surgery, a few details in the outfit of the twins remained. Till today the inshaping  of the heads does not let carring hair loose. However these are trifles, thinking that they gained a completed life. At 28, on 1 of the

TV programs, Vilia and Vitaly met Dr. They told that they live in Vilnius, both progressive as a historian, and functioning in the environment associated to books. They are yet extremely accelerated people. Both did not get married as they did not find a male who has resemblance to their father, who once altruistically did entire lot for his daughters so that they lived fully.

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