Two senior horses were left to the mercy of fate when a kind woman rescued them giving a second chance to life

A little act of goodness could mean everything for those in need of support.

It’s exactly  Arthur’s case, who was rescued in time, receiving a second opportunity for life.

A senior loyal horse, who spent more than 30 years  as a work horse at one of the farms in New England, was not useful anymore.

His cruel owner left him to live to the whim of luck. So Arthur was jumping from one dealer to another.

During these harsh period of his life, the only comfort was his friend Max, who was sharing with him the same fate. Together, there was a bit easy to struggle for their lives.

Fortunately, their suffering has ended one beautiful day, when a kindhearted woman, Cindy Daigre, noticed these poor creatures on the website.

The founder of the Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary rushed to rescue  both poor horses from the heartless dealers, when they were around moving to an auction.

Cindy knew that the starving and exhausted horses, who were in a terrible condition,  will, probably, die during the journey. So her rescue was in time.

After several months of misery life, Arthur and Max were so scared, weak and confused, but their life has changed as soon as they arrived at the sanctuary.

Day after day they looked better. Cindy did everything to get them back on their feet.

After two years of hard work and effective care of Cindy,  plus the comfort and compassion of both horses to each other helped Arthur and Max  to recover fully.

This duo, eventually, overcame their tragedy and were enjoying their peaceful and happy life together.

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