Two lovely and loyal swans have a heartwarming reunion after a short time of separation

Swans are very gentle and loyal creatures, which  unique and exceptional way of living with partners make them an object of admiration among human livings.

These noble birds show their feelings to each other exactly, as people do.

The reaction and behavior of one of the lifelong mate seems to be expressed in a heartbreaking way, when they got suddenly separated.

And, that’s why, when they again reunion, this scene is so touching.

Bonnie and Clyde, a lovely swan couple, many years live nearby a lake in Crewe.

The beautiful creatures are well known in the surroundings, they are just like superstars.

Recently, people noticed in Bonnie’s behavior something unusual. From the short distance, it was clear that he got injured.

They immediately called a rescue team to help the poor bird. However, the rescue process was very difficult to manage.


The female was so aggressive, so the team had to use two rescue rafts, in order to organize the safety process.

They, eventually, could grab the injured and scared swan, and she was taken to the Wildlife Center, where it was found out, that Bonnie had a leg injury.

Clyde, meanwhile, left alone, was so heartbroken, as he couldn’t understand what’s going on.

Fortunately, according to vets, Bonnie’s injury was not so bad, so she will be fully recovered during a month.

After a couple of weeks, the volunteers brought Bonnie back to her beloved soulmate.

The scene of the reunion of these adorable couple was so heart melting. How they are tender and sensitive.

As soon as Bonnie was free, she approached to her soulmate, and their necks were bounded in heart shape.
It was so beautiful and heartwarming.

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