Touching moment majestic lions’ joyful reaction when they reunite with their adoptive mother

When people want to keep a pet at home, they mostly choose a dog or a cat, but rarely can you find someone adopting a huge and wild animal, like lions.

Though all the living creatures deserve to our attention, love and care. Anyway, to foster two lion babies is not an easy task. However, Michaela Zimanova, a great animal lover and a woman with a big heart, dared to do it.

The mother lioness, who used to be a circus animal in Eastern Europe, gave birth to two adorable lion cubs, who were born in Slovakia. They both were rejected by their mother short after their birth.

Unfortunately, such things often happen with the wild animals living in the captivity. They lose their maternal instinct and duty in being far from their natural habitat. But thanks to the kind woman Michaela, the two cubs were saved and found a console and home they need badly.

Touching moment majestic lions' joyful reaction when they reunite with their adoptive mother

They were named Adelle and Malkia. Michaela, becoming their adoptive mother, gave the little lion babies her love and care. But when they grew up, she had to relocate them in Malkia Park.

The separation was hard for both of the sides. The lionesses were attached to their foster mother and, Michaela, also missed them so much. So she decided to visit them 2, 3 times a month.

And each time two lions meet Michaela, their reaction is just heartwarming.

As soon as four-year-old Adelle and Malkia see Michaela, they ran to the woman and hug her joyfully, as if they haven’t seen her for ages.

Then they spend some time together, playing with each other. And this scene repeats each time Michaela visits them.

The Park staff captured the touching reunion of wild animals and the kind woman.

The heartwarming footage, please, watch here:

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