The 49-year-old kind veterinarian Dr. Stewart walks on California streets to help homeless peoples’ animals free of charge

Kindness will save our planet. As long as there are kind people and kind actions, we can have hope that our Earth has a good future.

Kwane Stewart is one of those men with big heart, who decided to change this world with his small contribution.

Everyone who has pets, should take care of them properly, as they don’t know do have financial means for it or not. What they have to give you in return, it’s their unconditional, pure love.

It’s obvious that the life of pets having sweet home differs from the life of those whose humans are homeless.

When it comes to a treatment of their pets, they encounter difficulties, having lack of money.

That’s why this kindhearted vet decided to do something to facilitate the life of homeless people and their lovely four-legged friends.
Dr. Stewart’s mission began in 2011, when he realized that day by day the numbers of stray animals are growing.

He decided to go to the streets and to treat the pets of homeless people.

He thought it would be better if he walks to the homeless people instead of waiting for them at his workplace.

Since then, Dr. Stewart walks around California streets offering his help to those in need for free.

Over the years, he helped more than 400 sick animals.

This mission helped him to change his opinion about homeless people.

People sometimes judge them without knowing their stories.

Helping them, he heard so many, touching stories, which moved him so much: stories of pure love, hope, compassion and struggle.

He was the witness of the selfless care of their pets, as having nothing, they gave their beloved animals their last bread.

They first worried about their pets than their selves. Dr. Stewart finds inspiration in these touching stories.

And that makes  him to keep doing what he started. He also created a GoFundMe page, where many people join him in his mission.

A little help can change many things.

Please, learn about this kind vet’s mission in the below video!

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