A power of make-up. A make-up artist transformed a woman who wasn’t taking care of herself for a long time.

Every female wants to be well taken care of and look nice.  A make-up artist Ayan Shafag from Azerbaijan decided to devote this feeling to individuals who seek it. She does her job professionally because she loved changing and making people attractive from childhood.

Lately, Ayan had a very good idea in her mind. She approaches to strange females and asks if they need beauty procedures. If they answer positive, she invites them to her place and here where all the miracle happens. Once she brough a woman who refused using cosmetic products for a long time. Ayan decided to take photo before and after make-up.

Despite of having skin defects, it was possible to do a make up and create something beautiful.

Woman’s skin was parched, so the Aya had to use specific products to hide the defect. However, it was obvious that the skin wasn’t took care of a long time and after this it had to be done in every day basis. First she did sculpting, then put some colors as it is famous nowadays.

After skin care, the make up looked smooth. It was emphasizing the eyes of a woman, her beautiful parts of the face. In the end, Shafag thought about a hairstyle which had to be part of a look. Here as well, she used a lot of different balsams, shampoos because of damages hair. In the end, she also died them.

The customer didn’t recognize herself looking at the mirror. She started crying and how the gratitude can be demonstrated if not like that.

We hope after this look the woman will have responsibility to take care of herself and her skin, because now she saw how gorgeous this can be.

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