Three unwanted siblings placed into 16 different homes meet a single dad that wants them

Every parent’s primary responsibility is to give their children a secure and nurturing environment in which to develop. Therefore, it is terrible to think that some kids may not get to experience this because of their parents, their upbringing in foster care, or other difficulties.

Here are three siblings.

Miquel, age 4, Willis, age 6, and Nevaeh, age 9, are all adept at describing foster care.

The state looked after the three siblings for the most of their formative years. But when a single father came to their aid, everything was transformed.

Single father

A forever home was provided for the adorable siblings by Darryl Andersen of Vernal, Utah.

It’s a heartwarming tale of a single parent standing up to show that anything is achievable with a little bit of love.

It hasn’t been easy for them.

The three siblings have generally had a difficult start in life.

Since they were placed in foster care in 2016, it has been a nightmare trying to locate a nice family to take them in.

iIn need of a secure setting

Although it is common knowledge that children require stability, for these young people, change has been an unending loop.

It was just one house after another, Andersen revealed to KSL News reporters.

They’ve been placed 16 times and lived in group homes, so all they had was each other, said Andersen. “They’re really close, and realize, you know, that.

Seeking a residence

Over the period of the five years that they had been floating through the system, the children had moved sixteen times between all of the foster homes and group homes.

Andersen found it hard to believe.

It was difficult to bear the idea as a single father of three already.

He couldn’t take the thought of Miquel, Willis, and Navaeh going through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and truly their entire lives without a stable home.


Andersen began to consider adoption.

He was confident he could succeed because he had been a father for so many years.

Then, with the approval of his own children, he made the decision to continue the procedure.

“In our world, there are children who do not have a place to call home. Where do they go over the holidays? He queried.

A creative idea

More people like Darryl Andersen would make the world a better place.

Even his life philosophy will make you stop and consider.

“I feel like, like the adage says, because I have been given much, I too must contribute,” is one of my primary motives.

Andersen is currently rearing three children once again until they reach adulthood, just like he did with his own children in the past.


Building a better future

He intends to create a solid foundation for them to flourish as they continue to evolve despite what has occurred to them in the past.

Andersen stated, “I want them to understand that the past is the past and that their future is entirely up to them.

He makes it abundantly apparent that they are welcome inside.

The children are free to go wherever and pursue any career they choose. He wants to make sure that kids are aware of all the incredible possibilities because the world is full with lovely hopes and dreams.


A devoted dad

Of course, Andersen minimizes his contribution to the process, but his children have a different take.

The children all cried out to Andersen, “We all love you more than the planet.” It’s because you’re a decent father, you see. We adore you a lot.

In their permanent home, these siblings will experience plenty of happy times. Hopefully, this tale will encourage others to think about welcoming foster children into their homes and hearts as well.

In the video below, learn more about their touching tale. The kids will always be appreciative of their devoted father.

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