Little boy discovers $4 million treasure first time he’s out metal detecting

Although everyone imagines discovering hidden wealth, it rarely actually happens.

Incredibly, James Hyatt, a three-year-old, made a gold discovery on his very first attempt at treasure hunting.

Additionally, this was not a typical piece of gold.

It was a 16th-century locket that was thought to have an image of the Queen of Heaven and Earth etched on it.

When asked what sound his metal detector produced, James replied, “It went beep beep beep.”

James and Jason Hyatt didn’t know they were about to discover a 500-year-old Virgin Mary jewelry with a $4 million value when they heard that sound.

The boy’s father, Jason Hyatt, told the BBC, “All of a sudden we received a buzz from the metal detector, quite a powerful sensation.”

“We dug between six and eight inches, and lo and behold, we struck gold. There it was after I shifted the earth and brought it to the surface.

At the time of their discovery, James, Jason, and James’ grandfather were metal detecting in a field in Hockley, Essex.

James had only been using the gadget for a few minutes when it started to beep.

At a depth of roughly 8 inches, the gold pendant was discovered.

“After that, we delved in the muck. Gold was present there. Only pirates have treasure maps, therefore we didn’t have one, James told Daily Mail.

A reliquary, which is a receptacle used to keep holy relics such as the remains of religious figures or things associated with them, is said to be the pendant, which is roughly an inch long and made of 73 percent gold.

A back panel of the object slides out to reveal a hollow that can accommodate the artifact.

The British Museum states that this may have been thought to hold a portion of the original cross.

It includes a picture of a woman, once thought to be the Virgin Mary but possibly Saint Helena, according to the museum.

She is depicted standing on a checkerboard floor, a halo of light surrounding her, and holding a cross.


The name of the Magi, often referred to as the wise men, three kings, or men from the East, who followed a star to locate and honor the newborn Savior Jesus Christ, is also etched on the diamond-shaped necklace.

Their names, IASPAR, MELCIOR, and BALTASAR, are engraved on the pendant’s sides, and its back features a heart with four weeping eye symbols and an incision.

This was a well-liked aspect of medieval piety; it is thought that these symbolise the five sacred wounds of Jesus Christ.

According to experts, the locket dates to the reign of Henry VIII and may have belonged to a royal family member.

The only other reliquaries like this one that have been known to have survived are three others that are similar.

The item had to be sold to a museum since it had been deemed a treasure trove at the inquiry.

According to Jason, the landowner will receive a portion of the sale’s revenues.

When James learned he had actually discovered treasure, he was overjoyed. Dad was shocked. I had looked for something similar for 15 years as a hobby without success. If we receive any funds, they will go to the kids, added Jason.

It appears that James has good fortune when looking for valuable items.

“One of the luckiest persons I’ve ever met is my son. If we see the doctor, he’ll reach down the sofa’s side and pull out 10 pounds, remarked Jason.

If reading this tale doesn’t inspire you to look for hidden wealth, I don’t know what would.

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