A Video of a Playful Elephant Child Who Refuses to Sleep Has Gone Viral on the Internet.

Kids dislike going to bed early, so they try to prolong the moment as much as possible, in contrast to adults, who will do anything for a good night’s sleep. Not only human toddlers, but also baby animals, fight going to bed.

An adorable elephant calf recently grabbed the Internet by storm with her exceedingly cute way of protesting when her caregivers declared it was bedtime. The incident occurred at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a Kenyan baby elephant rescue organization, and it went viral after the group uploaded it online.

In the cute video, a baby elephant named Kinyei tries her hardest to convince her caregiver that it is time to play, not night. The patient’s carer, on the other hand, is unimpressed.

“Kinyei is simply not ready to sleep,” the group said in the video’s caption. ” She’s had her nightly milk bottles, her best friends are already nestled down next door, and the Nursery is quieting down all around her… But this carefree teen sensed an opening to oppose nighttime and jumped right through it!”

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