Woman’s Golden Buzzer has Howie saying “Your voice comes from another world”.

This woman is a true angel on earth.
This is Jeanick Fournier, and you should remember that name because this 49 year old mother just blew Canada’s Got Talent and the world away with her performance.She is one confident lady who took to the stage and had all four judges on their feet by the time she was finished.

Jeanick is from Chicoutimi, Quebec.

The mother of two began singing at the age of seven in church. Jeanick has continued to do so into her adult life. She began performing songs on a hairbrush as a microphone.

Woman’s Golden Buzzer has Howie saying “Your voice comes from another world”

Her first audience was the family.

Jeanick two kids have been diagnosed with down’s syndrome. She works as a palliative care attendant where she provides end of life care and support to patients suffering from terminal illnesses.

Fournier says that if she wins, she hopes to create a better life for her two children.

She is mainly inspired by Celine Dion and it’s pretty obvious with her audition. Considering that she only sang leisurely for family and bars, Jeanick is unbelievable.

So naturally, she sang a Celine Dion song called, “I Surrender”.

What’s mind boggling is that she’s already 49. Jeanick should have been discovered at an earlier age!

Now watch and marvel at her vocal prowess. Jeanick serenading the audience before reaching the end where she hits, sustains, and wows the crowd with a super high note.

“Wow,” judge Lilly Singh praised. “This is exactly what this show is about.”

Kardinal Offishall even went on to say that Fournier is “on par” with fellow French-Canadian singer Dion. Trish Stratus couldn’t stop herself saying how “incredible” it was.

“You are an angel,” Howie Mandel added. “There are not a lot of human beings like you… it came from another world.”

These are people who have seen and heard everything.

And as Jeanick was taking it all in, host Lindsay Ell came out from behind the curtains to give Fournier a hug before making her way to the judges’ table where she addressed the mother of two.

To hit the Golden Buzzer.

A viewer who met Jeanick had a story to share,

“I spent a Day with her as I was in clinicals as a Practical Nurse and did not know Who she was. She sang beautifully while helping people on their death beds. Her energy was so amazing. Now I see this and I am speechless.. she deserves the best in this world.”

Fournier is an amazing woman.
Not bad for someone who used to sing into a hairbrush.

Jeanick, in happy tears, drowns in gold as the judges and the audience applaud her on their feet. Her dreams are about to come true, and all she had to do was serenade us with that stunning voice.

49 isn’t too late. Judging by the impact she’s left, Fournier’s got a good decade or so to leave a legacy. And her kids will have something to be proud of.

This is one audition you have to see so hit play below!
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